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Terminology (Common Motorcycle and SabMaggot terminology)


All The Gear All The Time


Every Single Thread. Refers to Joey Thorne, who's ego leads him to believe that every single thread on the Sabmag list somehow refers to him. Fortunately, only about half actually do.

Fan thermostat
Great White Father
The label Big Red Mo (BRM) uses to refer to his dad in his many entertaining stories.
Master Cylinder

North Of Everywhere. The name of Zimbob's annual Labor Day weekend SabMag gathering, wherein lobsters are slaughtered in truly heinous numbers, and very few actual curves are experienced.

A variable unit dependent on several factors including the proximity of good roads, the time between departure and supper, and the gullibility (or adventurous nature) of riding companions.
Previous Owner
Oil Thread
Don't start one!
Outing Report
Fan/Rider/Mechanic of Honda V4 motorcycles (usually 1982-1986 models). Typically characterized by what others would call "cheap", but is actually a ruthless comparison of quality versus $. More $ does not equal better quality. Usually a tinkerer and mechanic as a necessity to keep their bikes in top shape. Generous in spirit, knowledge and inventiveness.

SabMag East. The original SabMag gatherings all took place on the eastern side of the country; thus, we called them SMEs. Feeling somewhat slighted, the western members eventually got around to creating their own, which was labeled (not unexpectedly) SMW. From that point forward, several other monickers have been created, some relating to the location of the gathering, and some to the fun 'n' games that were planned. (Sadly, the SabMag-COG Ride Over The Mountains 1 has been renamed.)

Trip Report
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