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Don't even ask. Just RTFM and do whatever makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Friction Modifiers ("Energy Conserving")

Like many modern motorcycles, SabMags have wet clutches, which are bathed in the same motor oil that lubricates the engine and transmission. The friction modifiers in Energy Conserving motor oils can cause the clutch to slip. Do not use oils that are marked as "Energy Conserving". All motor oil products sold in the U.S. must show a seal that displays the oil's rating and if it is energy conserving.

Not recommended:




Most list members buy oil filters a case at a time from on-line Honda OEM parts dealers.

You can find alternatives that are a lot cheaper and that fit on the bike, but unless you verify the flow rate and bypass pressure, you're on your own.

Also, from another list member: Wix now has a bonafide list of motorcycle models and related oil filters. The 1334 which was for the VFR is now for the VF/VFR's thru 1986. The Wix filter for the 90-current model VFR is 1358. The price is about half ($5.50 US) and readily available.

Other alternates for the Honda "small" filter:

More Oil Filter alternatives:

Oil Filter Cross Reference

Oil Filters Revealed (How different oil filters are made and who actually manufactures your filter)

Checking Level

Do not screw in the dipstick when checking oil.

Oil Dipstick Lengths:

One list member reports the following data (measured from the underside of the handle to the "full" mark)

Checking Pressure

The manual describes checking oil pressure at the oil pressure light switch hole. The hole is metric thread just *slightly* smaller than 1/8" NPT. You need a male M12 x 1 to female 1/8 NPT adapter ('85 V65 Magna; check on other models). These adapters are sold by auto parts suppliers to enable oil pressure gauge installation on metric engines. You attach a mechanical oil pressure gauge (the kind that connects to the engine with small tubing) to the adapter. Some list members have oil pressure gauges permanently installed. See Tony Donisi's Oil Mod for a description of how he mounted a mechanical gauge.

Oil Mod

The Oil Mod is intended to solve what is generally accepted as a problem with the OEM design not delivering enough filtered oil to the cams, and causing the well-known premature cam wear.